Senran Kagura 3D Video Is Amazing

There’s a gameplay video of Senran Kagura, available for download HERE (you can also try to download it from Youtube using, which will give you a 2GB file in 4K (raw file) but without audio). It was recorded using Tridef 3D, ran via Virtual Desktop in a Tridef custom 3D profile. The source video is 10GB, and there are tools available for mixing of the audio file.

Take a look at it if you have Virtual Desktop, or BIGSCREEN Beta for the Rift or Vive, because this has some spectacular concave and convex 3D effects that can rival or best regular VR in depth. Just load the Virtual Desktop and play the video using a movie player, and you can activate half SBS by pressing F6 or F7. Even though it’s not real VR, the immersion is very good thanks to using Rift or Vive as a 3D viewer. And the nature of Senran Kagura games ensures there’s something to look at.

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