One Gamer has reached Level 1060 Steam Rank and owns almost half its games

Steam has gone above and beyond to promote community and connection between gamers.  Sometime though, it serves mainly as a reminder of how time is running out and that you don’t have nearly as much money as other people.

Would it be too surreal topicture reaching Level 1,060 Steam Rank?  Well, there is a person in Japan who did it. That’s right, this avid gamer, known as PalmDesert in the gaming world has accomplished the impossible. PalmDesert caught everyone off guard by accomplishing this arduous task in a super short amount of time. Valve too, didn’t see this coming and could not providean icon for the 1,000 rank when he got there.  When it originally displayed, the graphic was distorted.

Currently, this Japanese pro owns 5,092 games and 3,372 DLC packs.  Steam only has 7,481 total games, which means that PalmDesertowns well over half of them.  It is pretty unimaginable to find the time to have a go at all of those games with any level of depth, which brings us to the question, “When does this dude sleep?” One of his most-played games is Rocksmith 2014, amounting to 569 hours logged.

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