Some Tips The Division Doesn’t Tell You

After worldwide launch of Tom Clancy’s The Division, it has achieved universal critical acclaim from plenty of reviewers. The Division set the record for highest sales in first week with generating more than $330 Million in 5 days period. It’s the highest grossing game for the company and in the industry as well.

Most of the gamers who tried this game are pretty happy with the overall experience and why not? I mean The Division is pretty massive project and has plethora of possibilities and opportunities to do different things. And the chance of your getting bored is pretty slim.

Well with all that in mind, It’s time to shine light of different features that you may not discovered yet. Tom Clancy’s The Division has so many levels to its gameplay that many things are not highlighted as they could be. Well fear not, I’m here to help you with some of the secret tips and tricks that you can use during your gameplay and these tips and tricks might improve your Agent’s effectiveness.

10. Quick-Fire Skills If in Trouble

Quick-Fire Skills If in Trouble
In most of the trickier and difficult combat situations where you have to face horde of enemies, the only advantage your agent can get is the ability to call on special skills. Since both you and enemies are like bullet sponges, a simple gunfight might not give results as you imagined.

As some of these skills are really powerful and effective some of them can also expose you to enemy bullets for short period of time. For example, firing sticky bomb at moving enemies can be a good way of dealing great damage but it does expose you to take damage in return, especially when aiming at long range enemies such as snipers.

But these skills and abilities do not have to be really precise to be effective and you can quick-fire them for extra advantage over your enemies. You can simply fire a sticky bomb straight at reticule with just press of a skill button, and The Division’s minimal target-pull can do the rest of the work for you. You can also drop Seeker mines without leaving cover and then subsequently guide these mines into enemy range, for this you just need to move through cover items as these mines will always stay by your side util target is acquired.

9. Free Items At The Base Of Operations

Free Items At The Base Of Operations
Upgrading your base of operations in the game may be an afterthought for various players; even in first stages it still holds important restock box and gear vendors, these things will serve you well even if you do not spend time improving it past the story designated levels. It is really essential, however some of the smaller upgrades in the game have some really useful additions.

Aside from skill mods and additional perks that these upgrades can give you, you will also find free items with some of them. Some are fairly pointless in terms of agent’s effectiveness, such as Procurement Team upgrade that offers a new clothing item every two hours; though I must admit that I spent more time in making sure my Agent looked cool as well as being badass.

Upgrades such as Field Engineering, however will allow your agent to collect free crafting tools in Tech Wing every few hours, which means you do not have to look for them in the world. Given that the best weaponry and gear are crafted than bought and these crafting tools are a great bonus; if I had taken the time to read fine print of upgrades, earlier in the game I’d certainly have chosen the updates in different order.

8. Ladder Leap of Faith

10 Tips The Division Doesn’t Tell You - Ladder Leap of Faith
Compare to Ubisoft Assassin’s Creed, the leap of faith her in the division may not be quite visually impressive or death- defying. But they are sure very useful, if you find yourself in need of quick escape route when under heavy fire or pressure from horde of enemies.

Most of the time in the game when you are sitting in cover at a high point and need a quick escape, you will find yourself relying on ladders to move down. In normal play its fine, but if you are under heavy fire from enemies you can easily make yourself an easy target by getting stuck on these ladders.

But where drop prompts appear on a scale-able ledges, The Division does not tell you that you can easily drop from from a ladder with the same button. This thing is pretty useful when you are in the Dark Zone, where you will find yourself as a duck mostly sitting in covers, and trying to just escape from a high point. You may take some damage while performing ladder drop but it will definitely hurt less than a headshot.

7. Ambush Enemies Using Animals

Ambush Enemies Using Animals
You may feel little guilty using this tip but answer one question; who will save the world from thugs, rioters or ex-cons? Dogs, Pigeon? Of course not, so you should not worry about them in this game. But they can do other things and can be very useful in luring enemies. If you want to break an enemy group without exposing your whereabouts you can use these animals.

In The Division, streets are brimming with dogs and crawling vermin, and if you manage to kill one close enough to an enemy, well of course with suppressed weapons, you will lure them off. And they will start investigating, since enemy types are a big deal in the game, you can use this tip to encourage more dangerous enemies into places where you can easily target them before setting about eliminating the rest of the group.

It is especially useful against enemies who will rush and like a close fight, because you can easily pick them off before they have a chance to rush and charge you.

6. You Don’t Have To See Items To Loot

You Don’t Have To See Items To Loot
The technology in the game that is available to Agents is really advanced, and it definitely run far beyond just perks and skills that you use in combat. The Computerized vocal companion ISAC is awesome for pointing out intel items and mission checkpoints but it can also do even more.

ISAC can be your eyes whenever you are scouting for loot anywhere in the world. The loot items and chests or boxes are scattered all across the world in The Division, but some of these chests and boxes are very small and hidden that they can be missed. It is really lucky that you really do not have to rely on your eyes.

If you move really close to a stash, ISAC will mark that chest or box on your mini-map to alert you. This thing is really useful when you are looking for loot indoors, where corridors and rooms are very dark. With ISAC on your side you will never miss any chest or loot materials.

5. Skill Moves Can Double Up For Destruction

Skill Moves Can Double Up For Destruction
We already know how important skill moves are to maintain your supremacy over aggressive villains of New York. But mixing skill moves in the right way can also help you make these skills even more destructive and powerful. Since enemies can easily outnumber you, you have to power up your abilities and skills to even out the odds.

After experimenting with the sticky bombs and seeker mines, I have found that you can combine these two for an enormous impact. The doubled power of these explosions will deal massive damage and this can be really good against elite class enemies.

Firing a sticking bomb within range of a group of opponents or enemies is a first step, as they will often not hear or see it unless bomb hits one of them. After that it is just about rolling a seeker mine and letting its explosion catch the planted sticky bomb to double the blast. You can even boost this further if you equip a perk that increases the explosion damage immediately after one blast, as a slight delay between these two will see it activated.

4. Target Marking System

10 Tips The Division Doesn’t Tell You - Target Marking System
As most of the Tom Clancy games, The Division also got a target marking system. Most of the players are not aware of this  and I admit that I too stumbled upon it accidentally trying to activate the consumables, but the main thing is that it can be used to keep an eye on dangerous and powerful enemies during a combat.

ISAC will only help you here a little by just highlighting enemies if you focus on particular one for few seconds. But if you tap Up on D-pad or PC equivalent button it will actually mark a single target and also place objective marker (orange diamond) over their heads so that you can track that target. In addition to that if you direction, you will also activate a five second countdown timer, which is pretty helpful in coordinating attacks with your teammates or for flagging a fast enemy to direct your team’s attention.

I found this very useful in case of snipers and charging enemies. Snipers have this ability to dash from one point to another which can easily be missed as they are not in your field of view. Keeping a close eye on a charging enemy has also obvious benefits, because if you are preoccupied with other enemies they can quickly rush you.

3. DPS Is Not The Most Important Weapon Stat

DPS Is Not The Most Important Weapon Stat
As an ardent user of The Division’s assault rifles, I let myself constantly knock out in ensuring that I was always increasing my weapons DPS. I was under the impression that DPS was the only stat that mattered and that by increasing this I was maximizing my agent’s effectiveness.

However, what I failed to realize that DPS which is very prominent Statistic is not the most important. I discovered that by just switching to slower but more economical marksman rifle class, I was becoming far more effective and dangerous in long range combats. While I could certainly take an enemy down within couple of seconds by loading my assault rifle bullets into them, despite worse DPS the precise shots of the marksman rifle were more effective.

This is honestly the case of one stat not being effective at capturing strengths of all types of weapons, and so it is absolutely worth trying out some alternatives before you pick a class too stubbornly.

2. EMP Grenades Can Stop Other Player’s Deployed Skills

EMP Grenades Can Stop Other Player’s Deployed Skills
Since the Dark Zone will be the place where most of the players will spend their time, It is really important to make sure that you are not going there unprepared. Your skills may help you get out of the troubles against Cleaners and Rikers, but you are not the only one in Dark Zone who can use them.

It is worth knowing that there is, in fact, an item available which will limit an enemy’s skill deployment for brief time. Throwing an EMP grenades disrupts enemy’s technology, which means that they won’t be able to  deploy bombs or use healing tactics for few seconds.

Actually this element is explained by the game but there’s another benefit of this which ins’t. While an EMP grenade will prevent an enemy from using skill for few seconds, these grenades will also destroy any items already deployed by skills within their radius. That means you can easily disarm an annoying turret with real ease, or you can even stop seeker mines from tracking you down before it gets too ugly.

1. Stat Effects Are Very Important

Stat Effects Are Very Important
Tom Clancy’s The Division provides you many ways to dish out damage with its various weapons and skills, and there’re even long lasting effects that comes with certain attacks. Gunfire and Frag Grenades have a chance to make bleed opponents which result in constant loss of health, while catching fire will also have this same effect.

Some grenades can also disorient enemies, making them easier to eliminate as they’re temporarily disabled. These primary effects are really useful in The Division’s arenas, but there’re also secondary effects that make them even more powerful and effective in Dark Zone where even a tiniest advantage can be a difference between life and death.

Bleeding and fire effects will prevent enemies and opponents form sprinting resulting in low chance of quick escape, while disoriented enemies will not be able to enter cover until the effect wears off. These extra bonuses can be essential in the Dark Zone, even against the skilled players. So never underestimate the lasting effects and other benefits of less aggressive grenades.

Well, there you have it, 10 Tips The Division Doesn’t Tell You to maximize your agent’s effectiveness. I hope these tips will return help you return order in the devastated New York, and I also hope these tips won’t help you in ambushing me if we ever cross paths in Dark Zone!
Are there any other tips that we missed? Let us know the comments!

By: Mike McDime

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