Fan Theory About Reaching the Center Of The Galaxy In No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky, Hello Games’ highly anticipated space simulation has got the fans wondering about many things. Among other things that are in question, fans worry that the game might get repetitive too quickly, and they have questioned the frame rate integrity of No Man’s Sky when it comes to the PS4.

But some of the more creative and imaginative fans have been theory-crafting, and have gotten some quite interesting ideas. One of the theories, by Reddit user Elathen42, was inspired among other things by Sean Murray, the game’s developer, saying that “many people will stop playing” when they reach the center of the galaxy. Elathen42 draws a parallel between The Last Starfighter and No Man’s Sky, theorizing that the game would just be a simulation of our species intergalactic behavior, to test us and see if “we are capable of joining the intergalactic community”.

Reaching the center of the galaxy would be something like reaching the scoreboard of player’s behavior throughout the game – you would be faced with your choices, and many people would stop playing out of guilt, if they used their ability to blast aliens and exploit their worlds.

It would be interesting indeed to see how we would do if this was some kind of a test for humanity, but of course, this is just a fan theory, and an unconfirmed one at that. Until the game comes out in June, all we can do is speculate about the center of the galaxy and what happens when we get there.

And, for those less interested in what’s out there, June 21 will be the time to see if No Man’s Sky lives up to the hype that’s been forming around it. We hope that it does and that this space exploration game that boasts a huge number of planets and explorable worlds reignites the space simulation renaissance and lives up even to the highest of expectations.

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