Five most ridiculous PlayStation trophies of all time

The inclusion of unlockable achievements in video games is a divisive topic; some gamers can’t get enough, whilst other have no idea what all the fuss is about. PlayStation’s trophy system has the potential to add a stack of replay value to your favourite games, adding fun challenges into the game’s environment, and encouraging gamers to experience alternative narrative options such as story endings and dialogue trees. Although trophies aren’t exactly a tangible commodity, there is something hugely satisfying about achieving them. This is particularly the case with the revered platinum trophy, the sense of achievement in knowing that you have completed absolutely everything the game has to offer.

Of course, trophies do also represent somewhat of a stage for bragging rights with a leader board point system and trophy rarity descriptions both adding a competitive element. Some trophies are clearly much more difficult and far more time consuming the others, but regardless of the scale of the task, the premise should remain the same; trophies should present a tough but gratifying opportunity to replay content.

There, are however, some developers to which this concept seems to have been lost on. Indeed, there are some trophy lists so daunting that even most seasoned trophy hunters lament in frustration, not only at their level of difficulty, but at the absurdity of their objectives. There is little as infuriating for completionists as trophies that prove so obnoxious in their objective that achieving them totally undermines any sort of entertainment in their undertaking. Here, we have compiled a list of 5 of the most annoying and frankly obnoxious trophies across a variety of different games. We are bewildered that the development team behind these games gave the all clear to include the following achievements:

Resistance 2 – “Killing Machine”

Multiplayer trophies are notoriously painful, especially when the online gameplay isn’t really the focus of the game. Resistance 2, a game with a superb singleplayer mode, is one such offender. The trophy “Killing Machine” requires players to clock up 10,000 kills in multiplayer mode. Even if you enjoy PVP gameplay, that is an absurd amount of time to invest in a game, and a thoughtless trophy for the developers to include. Not least given the Resistance 2 servers were typically unstable, and now have long since been shut down.

Dead Space 2 – “Hard to The Core”

Dead Space 2 is a mercilessly hard game at the best of times, but its Zealot difficulty ramps things to a whole new level. As trophy hunters, a challenging but fair trophy is all part of the fun, but anything that requires ridiculously long sittings of gameplay destroys any entertainment value in their undertaking. In Hard to The Core, players will only be allowed to save 3 times on Zealot difficulty. A random death can take you back hours of gameplay. You must be prepared to sit for 4-6 hour sessions at any one time, requiring super human levels of concentration. Dead Space 2 is a great game, but this trophy will make you never want to play it ever again. This really isn’t the objective of trophies, is it?

Killzone 2 – “Valor Grand Cross”

Killzone 2
is a brutal game to try and platinum, requiring weeks of blood, sweat and tears. Though achievements such as completing the game on elite difficulty are hugely challenging, they are at least fair. Though what is just plain irritating are its multiplayer leader board trophies. KillZone 2s Valor Grand Cross trophy requires player to rank amongst the top 1% of its leader board system at the end of a given week. That’s a tall order when servers were, at one point, peaking at around 500,000 players in size. Keep the trophies sensible please!

Mad Max – “Scrap Collector”

Across the board, the trophies in Mad Max are a grindy, time consuming affair. They aren’t particularly difficult, but the developers really seem to have forgotten the concept of providing entertainment in their achievements, with most of the challenges boiling down to a collectathon of various items. The most annoying of those items is the games scrap metal commodity, of which 10,000 is required in your inventory to pop the trophy “Scrap Collector”. In order to do this, the Scrap Crew ability is required, which calls for players to turn off the gameplay while scrap is auto accumulated. A trophy that is earned by not playing the game is surely one of the most bewildering achievements ever imagined. Why on earth would anybody want to do that? The tedium of Mad Max’s platinum is enough to put you off trophy hunting forever.

Mortal Kombat (PS3) – “My Kung Fu is Stronger”

This trophy requires the mastery of each of the game’s 28 characters. Quite apart from a difficult combination of attacks required to achieve this feat, in order to achieve a master rank the player is required to put 24 hours of gameplay into each character. 24 hours for the 28 characters in the game. That is 672 hours of total gameplay. Perhaps one of the most ludicrous trophies ever conceived, and one that is absolutely guaranteed to put you off Mortal Kombat forever.

So there you have it, our top 5 list of PlayStation’s most frustrating and downright silly trophies of all time. Trophies should add fun replay value, but these offenders are so thoughtless in their concept that they undermines the whole point of the achievement system. Make it challenging but doable please developers!

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