Celebrities You Never Knew Were Roommates

These famous faces once shared living quarters

Michael Douglas and Danny DeVito

Danny DeVito and Michael Douglas met as acting students in New York in 1966. Two years later, they became roomies. Douglas told The Talks that he and DeVito are still friendly.

Jonah Hill and Justin Long

Justin Long and Jonah Hill are two of our favorite funny guys. According to 3 News, they lived together like an old married couple in a California home when they were trying to break into the business.

Judd Apatow and Adam Sandler

Funny guys Adam Sandler and Judd Apatow once shared an apartment in Los Angeles. Sandler even paid rent after he moved to New York to be on "Saturday Night Live," Apatow told The Hollywood Reporter.

Tommy Lee Jones and Al Gore

Al Gore and Tommy Lee Jones met as Harvard freshmen, and later lived together. The two are still close, and Jones even volunteered for Gore's presidential campaign.

Christopher Reeve and Robin Williams

Christopher Reeve and Robin Williams were roommates at Juilliard in New York City. The actors were friends throughout their adult lives, according to People magazine.

Connie Britton and Lauren Graham

Lauren Graham and Connie Britton were roommates before they hit it big, according to US Weekly. "We lived in an empty house that we weren't supposed to be living in," Graham said on "Watch What Happens Live." "We had no furniture, and all we ate were Rice Krispies Treats."

Owen Wilson and Wes Anderson

Owen Wilson is definitely a recurring character in Wes Anderson's films, but long before that, they were classmates at the University of Texas at Austin. They became roommates in 1996, shortly after, according to Texas Monthly.

Holly Hunter and Frances McDormand

Holly and Frances were roomies at the Yale School of Drama, says Us Weekly. They got along so well that they even roomed together after graduation!

Dustin Hoffman and Robert Duvall

Oscar winners Dustin Hoffman and Robert Duvall shared an apartment on West 22nd Street in New York City, reports Vanity Fair. Hoffman also lived with the talented Gene Hackman (also an Oscar winner!) for a few weeks.

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon

Ben and Matt were childhood friends who lived together while they wrote "Good Will Hunting." Affleck told Us Weekly that the pair had a house where they invited hundreds of guests and indulged in lots of drinking.

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