10 Greatest Role-Playing Games Of The Last Ten Years

There are so many different types of video games and everyone has their favorite, but who doesn’t love a great role-playing game? Don’t worry – that’s a rhetorical question. The answer is everyone! Whether you like to power through the story mode, take your time and do all the side quests, or just like to play online, RPG’s offer the best of all worlds. Video games in general have become revolutionary over the past 10 years, and will only continue to get better.

There’s many qualifications that make up a great RPG and all of the following games  have it. The “it” factor a video game needs in order for it to be memorable, entertaining and innovative. Every game on this list offers something different, and they’re all impressive in their own ways. If you have a lot of down time, I’d definitely recommend playing all of them. So without further ado, here are the top 10 role-playing games released over the last ten years…

10. Fable

The original Fable came out in 2004 and was immediately acclaimed by both fans and critics alike. Fable takes you on a journey from childhood to adulthood, with each one of your actions having consequences on the game world at large – all whilst building your reputation as either a hero or villain, depending on your choices.

What sets it apart are its subtle yet very welcomed differences. Based on your characters looks, the people around you will act differently  not to mention that you’ll age throughout the game. It was an amazing concept at the time. However, just like the Mass Effect series, your decisions have very little outcome by the game’s end. Based on your decisions throughout, the ending could feature different cut scenes but it won’t modify the story as much as you hope.

As you continue to play, you’ll gain XP and build your character into an awesome killing machine, which makes for some great fighting sequences. Fable’s a long journey that keeps you excited throughout. Now, it may be almost 10 years old but it’s definitely a game worth checking out. If  you plan on taking on the challenge, I’d recommend calling in sick for a few days – if you’re a completionist like me, the game will take you around 45 hours to complete. Good luck.

9. Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age Origins isn’t for the weak. It’s definitely a complex RPG that keeps you one your toes. You’re journey begins as a man who converts into a Grey Warden who’s primary objective is to defeat the darkspawn. The darkspawn are nasty creatures that intend on taking over the world. Your job is to stop them.

On your quest, you come across many characters that you can have join you in your battle. The big advantage that Dragon Age Origins has over Dragon Age 2 is the story. The plot really evolves nicely as you evolve from a nobleman into a hero. The story is drawn out but it doesn’t it without feeling forced. Dragon Age Origins is a great RPG game for the intense gamer. If you’re a completionist, expect to put in over 70 hours into the story mode. Personally I think that’s awesome but I know not all will agree (especially the girlfriend).

Dragon Age is fun, witty, complex and rewarding. I’d recommend it to anyone who’s a fan on the ass kicking, story mode type of game.

8. Xenoblade Chronicles

Now, I’ve only been able to play this game for a few hours because I don’t have a Wii but let me tell you, it’s a hell of a game. Had I been to play it more it might’ve even been higher on this list.
The game is visually beautiful to see and it has some fantastic cut scenes. The fighting sequences are not only fun but they’re challenging and in depth. The game has such a massive world that the sandbox seems endless. With what seems like hundreds of missions to do, Xenoblade is in that rare category. The category that involves you to take over 100 hours to complete.

Your job in the game is simple, eliminate all robot monsters that threaten you and your land. The game lays out a great foundation for what’s to come. It’s simple really, it’s revenge. The main protagonist’s name is Shulk who is always accompanied by his faithful sword Monado. Monando is a mystical blade that can help Shulk do many things, like see into the the future, as his blade continues to grow in power along with Shulk.

Now I’m not going to completely give away the story, just in case you haven’t already played the first 7 on this list. However if you have and you have a Wii, Xenoblade Chronicles is the way to go.

7. Final Fantasy XII

The Final Fantasy series was first launched in 1987 and it hasn’t looked back since. However, I’m gonna dive into what I think is the best in the franchise: Final Fantasy XII.

This version of the strategic combat game stands out for many reasons. For one, the cut scenes are superb, as are the fight scenes and voiceovers. The main feature of this game that the other FF games didn’t have was its advanced combat system. This system gave you more range to do what you wanted. It was a much welcomed addition to the popular franchise.

Considering it came out during the latter stages of the Playstation 2 (the game came out in 2006) it did remarkably well in sales as fanboys everywhere rejoiced. Anyhow, the main plot of the game follows a group of characters as they try to free the country Delmasca from the Archadian Empire. The task isn’t easy, but that’s what makes it enjoyable. You travel with a lovable cast of characters, completing tons of side missions along the way.

The main story alone takes over 50 hours but if want to be a completionist you’re looking at a ridiculous 150 hours of gameplay. All of these reason and more are why I think Final Fantasy XII is the best one yet.

6. Dark Souls

The most frustrating game in the world to complete? Quite possibly. Dark Souls has the reputation of being one of the hardest games ever to beat. Having played it, sometimes it feels like I’m dying more than I’m living, but that’s what kept me playing. Dark Souls is a scary world that you can’t help but love. Once you start playing, it’s hard to stop. You just want to keep going and see what other kind of trouble you can find yourself in.

The game takes place in the underworld, where you’re faced with different types of monsters and demons. The game will test your strategic ability, command your concentration, and most importantly. it’ll test your patience. Dark Souls plot and character development may not be the best, but you decide your own fate and create your own story along the way and that’s what makes it so unique and special.

If you haven’t had the chance to play it, I’d strongly recommend looking into it. It’s dark, mysterious world isn’t one to just shake your head at. It’s one to dive in head first and suffer the consequences. Fair warning, if you aren’t a patient gamer, this one isn’t for you. Oh, and main story takes 45 hours alone.

5. Fallout 3 & New Vegas

The Fallout series really has transformed itself into one of the most consistent and fun games you’ll ever play. Fallout 3 takes place in a post apocalyptic Washington DC. The plot? Survive. Fallout 3 is an open world adventure that lets you do so many things that you’ll remain entertained for hours. Whether it’s hunting and skinning animals, shooting mutants or buying new weapons, Fallout 3 has something for everyone. The combat system offers something for everyone and you’ll meet quite the cast of characters along the way.

Fallout: New Vegas is just as fun, if not more so. As an enhanced version of Fallout 3, there’s just more to do in New Vegas. In New Vegas you have the opportunity to make some allies that can actually help you in your development. Your actions have consequences and the was they portray

New Vegas is just amazing. The Fallout series is easily one of the best RPGs of the last 10 years.

4. World of Warcraft

WOW is a massive online playing RPG and it’s incredibly popular. WOW’s popularity continues to grow by the day with the addition of expansion packs and its played by millions of people all over the world. It’s the ultimate game to play with your friends. Building your “guild” or team along the way. The world of WOW is seemingly endless and there’s always something for you to do.

Kicking people’s asses with your buddies is always fun and that’s one of WOW’s biggest wins. The combat functions are fun and easy to use, whether you’re a mage, a warrior, healer or a priest. You can create multiple players and continue to build up your different characters. One of the best things about WOW is that there is no end. You can play forever. There’s no bad guy at the end waiting for you. It’s just you and your buddies kicking ass and taking names against other determined teams. If you’re looking to compete at the highest level, this is the game for you.

3. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

As one of the best games I’ve ever played, I have nothing bad to say about The Witcher 2. You play as Geralt of Rivia, one of the last remaining witchers. As a human imbued with special powers at an early age in order to fight dragons. monsters and other demons, the story goes in several different directions but in the end, it all comes down to politics and clearing his name.

It’s an epic story that’s incredibly detailed and well thought out. What really sets it apart from your average RPG is its unique weapons system, which is unlike any other of its kind. It’s simple, fun and entertaining. The Witcher 2 will keep you guessing, playing more than you should, and satisfy all your RPG needs. Now stop reading this and play it already (well – finish the list, actually).

2. The Mass Effect Series

Mass Effect was a series of 3 games that took you on an incredible journey. Every action you made reflected your relationships with your colleagues and enemies. Of course, like everyone else, my only complaint was the actions that you chose didn’t make a big difference in the game’s final outcome, which was kind of annoying.

That said, it was incredibly fun getting from points A to point B. The characters were well thought out and voiced over brilliantly. The shoot outs were fun and the main quests always moved forward towards something bigger. Every quest was fun to complete. I’m almost embarrassed to tell you how many hours I spent trying to discover everything, but hey, that’s part of the fun.

Being able to have the same player through out the 3 games was amazing. Building Shephard from scratch and turning him into a hero was very rewarding. Relationships are forged and enemies are made but one way or another, every character had a purpose. I have my doubts about Mass Effect 4, but I certainly don’t have any about the first 3. They were all first class. So much so, in fact, that I played through the games twice – once as a paragon and once as a renegade. Don’t judge me.

1. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

In my humble opinion, Skyrim is the most detailed and most entertaining RPG game of all-time. It’s open world is beautiful and the gameplay is unrivalled. You start out as a slave who gets released, then it’s up to you to turn your life around and make something of yourself. And that’s where the fun begins.

The Empire of Tamriel is in shambles and the King of Skyrim has been murdered. The world is in trouble and it’s up to you to restore some order. It isn’t always easy, but it’s definitely fun getting there. There’s almost too much to do in the game. Almost. You have the opportunity to make coin by doing small jobs, which in turn you can use to purchase better weapons and armour. Earn respect with each task you complete and you begin to earn XP and fame along the way.

You’ll have countless battles with humans, mages and dragons and I can truly say that they’re all enjoyable to partake in. You’d think for a game that you can easily dump over 100 hours in would start to get tedious, but you’d be wrong. Not only is the main story fun, but the DLC is great. Sadly, I’m still playing some of them. Not that I’m complaining – it’s always fun slaying dragons. Whether it be in video games or real life. Yeah, that’s right: I slay dragons.

Did I forget a game? I’m sure I did. I can’t play them all! So be heard in the comments section below.

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