5 Video Games That Are Being Made Into Movies

Whilst browsing the internet the other day I stumbled across an article about a AAA title game being made into a movie / TV series. This piqued my curiosity because I have heard of and played video games that have been based off movies but never the other way around. Here are my top 5 video games that will feature spin off movies.

5. The Ratchet and Clank Movie

The Ratchet and Clank movie was set for release in late 2015 but was delayed due to the increase of other movie releases at that time.

The movie depicts the duo’s adventures before they were famously branded galactic heroes. Collecting information from the trailer, Ratchet is aspiring to become a hero like Captain Qwark. Ratchet must prove his skills to the Galactic ranger corps in order to achieve his long lived dream of becoming a hero. Because I am a BIG fan of the series, I can’t wait for this movie to hit the cinemas.

4. The Angry Birds

I suppose you could count me as an animated film fan who loves kids movies

(I’m still a kid at heart you know)

The Angry Birds movie is the second animated movie on this list and for good reason. Based off the hit Mobile game, Angry Birds, AB the Movie is about a (you guessed it!!) bird called Red who suffers with anger management issues and for good reason. Everything seems to go wrong for poor Red until the Pigs show up. Then it appears (once again going of the trailer) that Red can redeem himself by showing them who’s the boss.

To me this movie looks awesome and I would expect there to be a lot of hype about this one. It is set for a summer release in 2016.

3. Warcraft The Movie

The Warcraft movie looks amazing!!! Using information gleaned from the trailer, this movie looks epic in scale and is set to feature huge wars and lands.

Warcraft the movie tells the story of a Human and an Orc who unite to bring peace to both of their people. The Orcs in have lost their home world through some type of pollution and they have invaded the Human lands to try and make a home for their people.

It appears that one of the Orcs fights alongside the humans because he does not agree that there has to be war between races.

To me this movie looks like a must watch. However I am unsure if I would waste my money going and watching this movie in cinemas as I am not a huge Warcraft fan. Still a definite must see movie by the looks of the trailer.

2. The Assassin’s Creed Movie

The Assassin’s Creed movie doesn’t currently have a trailer available for the movie as one has not been released. However according to web research and a number of websites, the movie follows the story of Callum Lynch who uses an Animus machine to unlock his memories. He gains knowledge from using this process and discovers the skills of the Assassin’s Creed. He however is unaware that he is apart of a bigger picture until later in the “movie” when he realises that the Assassins have been at war with the Templars for centuries and now it is his turn to take the fight to them. 

Because I am an avid fan of the AC series, I will definitely be checking this movie out. It sounds like a great opportunity for the developers of this movie to make a winner of this one so keep your eyes on it.

1. Uncharted the Movie

There are very few details regarding this movie and the few details that I could scrounge online and from some of my sources only told me that the movie follows a similar story to what the video game follows.

This is one of my most anticipated movies because I loved all of the games and I love the action / adventure Genre. I just hope and pray that the directors and developers make an effort with this movie and make it as good as what they games are.

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