Metal Gear Solid 5 Quiet Nude Mod Could Break The Internet

Konami publishing label launched on September 1st 2015, a new mod of Quiet, a hero from Hideo Kojima’s game Metal Gear Solid. Since then, the fans went absolutely crazy for this nude mod of the sexy character. Apparently, this was the most searched for topic on the Internet these days!
One of the most popular game characters of all time acquired a new polished look, bringing joy in homes of passionate gamers who can now download the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain mod on their computers.

It’s been just recent that the user zedeki posted the naked and dressed up versions of Quiet mod on NexusMods.These include Quiet mod in both wet and non wet versions as well! He originally posted pictures in low quality on the website on October 17th.

To see the pictures, you have to login. However, it’s well worth the trouble! No wonder, keeping in mind that Quiet is the digital incarnation of Swedish actress Stefani Hoosten. Anyway, enjoy:

In this mod Quiet runs around in boots, micro bikini and weapons, only.Apparently, panties are excessive equipment in fight. There is a version with and without boots.

If you are intrigued, you are welcome to download this mod from this link NexusMods

Be sure to check zedeki’s page for advice about how to make sure that the mod is working properly. Also, you will need Quiet player model swap mod v1.6 if you want to play with Quiet in the nude mod.

“If Quiet is not shown with the new texture, start a mission and change from female soldier to snake and the buddy to D-Dog (or any other non Quiet model) then change back. Now you should play with the new texture – you have to do this only if you change something. If it does not work either . read again, you made something wrong.”

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