This Book Will Put Any Child To Sleep In Minutes

Imagine if you could lull your difficult child into sleep by reading to them, just like in the movies? A self-published book that’s supposed to make that dream come true to you has just topped the Amazon charts. Its name is The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep and it was written by psychologist Carl-Johan ForssĂ©n Ehrlin, who also came up with clear instructions on how to read it to improve its effects: you should insert your child’s name into the story, repeat phrases for emphasis, and start yawning yourself. The psychologist says it will be as if you rocked your baby to sleep. But how will you fare? If you are like some other parents who read it, you will be terrified!

The book contains appearances by some sinister-looking talking animals who appear to help your child fall asleep, but how would you feel reading a passage like this from a character named The Heavy-Eyed Owl or Sleep Snail: “let your whole body be...just like a leaf, that falls down, slowly down, down…” Some parents were seriously freaked out, and the negative Amazon reviews often call the book creepy. In a feature for The Guardian, Imogen Russell Williams described the book as “indubitably terrifying”. Essentially, what the picture book does is hypnotize children – and some parents aren’t down with that.

However, the amount praise from those grateful parents who are now able to enjoy the same amount of sleep as their children has been immense. Many have claimed that the book never fails to put their kids to sleep, and everyone who’s ever tried and failed to make bedtime less stressful will be able to appreciate it, despite the creepiness of the talking animals.

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