10 Sexiest Ever Spies in Movies

Being a spy is a tough gig. When bullets start flying and guard dogs are gnashing at their feet, girls really don’t have time to worry about how good their hair looks or whether they should have gone for a more figure-hugging outfit. And yet these women manage to make it look easy, killing enemy agents, concocting makeshift bombs and causing untold destruction – all while looking jaw-droppingly sexy. Here’s our pick of the hottest secret agents in movie history.

Image: Youtube/sexyrarestarz
Image: YouTube/SexyRareStarz

10. Agent 99 – Get Smart (2008)

Anne Hathaway plays the smoking-hot Agent 99 in 2008 spy comedy remake Get Smart, directed by Peter Segal and based on the same-titled ‘60s TV series. Agent 99 is the heart-stoppingly beautiful sidekick and romantic interest of bumbling protagonist Max Smart (portrayed by Steve Carell), and for much of the film she’s dressed in a classic white trench coat. Nevertheless, Agent 99 does slip into something much more comfortable in private. Or what she thinks is in private, until Smart walks in and finds her waltzing around in some sexy lingerie and a pair of killer heels – as you do when you’re kicking back. If nothing else, it would at least make a good recruitment poster for the secret service.

Image: Youtube/thetrailergal
Image: YouTube/TheTrailerGal

9. Emma Peel – The Avengers (1998)

When Nicole Kidman was unavailable for the role of Emma Peel in 1998’s The Avengers due to her having committed to Eyes Wide Shut, Uma Thurman was cast as the leather catsuit-wearing British agent instead. Beyond the sheer body-hugging allure of the character’s outfit in the Jeremiah S. Chechik-directed action film, Uma also proved herself to be impressively agile in a fight scene on a series of wires suspended high above the ground. And if one Emma Peel isn’t enough for you, fear not, as in the movie she also has a clone. But is Thurman as hot as her Peel predecessor, Diana Rigg? Fans of the original 1960s Avengers TV series might say no, but we think the younger actress brings her own unique sex appeal to the role.

Image: Youtube/sexyrarestarz
Image: YouTube/SexyRareStarz

8. Giacinta “Jinx” Johnson – Die Another Day (2002)

Halle Berry makes quite an entrance as NSA agent Giacinta “Jinx” Johnson in the 20th Bond film, Die Another Day, directed by Lee Tamahori. Jinx appear out of the water in a jaw-dropping scene deliberately reminiscent of Ursula Andress’ iconic Honey Ryder entrance in the original Bond movie, 1962’s Dr. No. Berry looks stunning in the 2002 film, but don’t be fooled: Jinx kicks some serious ass. Towards the end of the movie, she takes on – and defeats – double-dealing, sword-wielding MI6 agent Miranda Frost (played by Rosamund Pike) on board a plane. The action-packed scene involves Jinx doing a backflip before quickly stripping down to a much more revealing sleeveless top. Apparently, the unusual move was meant to deflect a sword attack, but we can’t help but think that it was just another excuse to get Jinx’s jacket off. Either way, she’s every male spy’s dream companion. Or nightmare – depending on which side you’re on.

Image: Youtube/alexandru Mortimer
Image: YouTube/Alexandru Mortimer

7. Bridget von Hammersmark – Inglourious Basterds (2009)

The ridiculously beautiful Diane Kruger plays actress Bridget von Hammersmark in Quentin Tarantino’s 2009 World War II film Inglourious Basterds. But there’s more than meets the eye, for Hammersmark is a German movie star moonlighting as a spy for the Allies. It’s no surprise that she looks great all glammed up for the big movie premiere towards the end of the film, but somehow she also manages to appear strangely sexy while lying wounded on a vet’s operating table after a wild gunfight in a French bar. Surrounded by American soldiers who are suspicious of her motives, Hammersmark is tough enough to take charge and help Aldo Raine (portrayed by Brad Pitt) see his Hitler-killing plan to fruition – although not before she is brutally strangled to death by arch-villain Colonel Hans Landa (Christoph Waltz).

Image: Youtube/movieclips
Image: YouTube/movieclips

6. Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff – Iron Man 2 (2010)

With her sultry looks and Marilyn Monroe-esque curves, Esquire’s 2013 “Sexiest Woman Alive,” Scarlett Johansson, is a modern version of the classic Hollywood blonde bombshell. Still, shaking things up a bit, Johansson colored her hair red to land the part of Marvel superhero Black Widow – a.k.a. Natasha Romanoff – in director Jon Favreau’s action-packed 2010 sequel Iron Man 2. Johansson squeezed her body into a skintight black catsuit to play the undercover S.H.I.E.L.D. operative who helps out the good guys; and ever the professional, the actress revealed that she “put in the hours” in order to be agile in her costume. What’s more, her performance was good enough for her to return as the slinky, ass-kicking Russian spy in Marvel’s 2012 blockbuster The Avengers.

Image: Youtube/movieclips
Image: YouTube/movieclips

5. Evelyn Salt – Salt (2010)

In Phillip Noyce’s 2010 action thriller Salt, Angelina Jolie plays a CIA operative accused of being a Russian agent and fleeing from her former colleagues while she attempts to prove her innocence. Evelyn Salt obviously needs to change her appearance regularly – after all, you’d definitely notice if Angelina Jolie walked down your street. And you’d certainly notice if she was leaping across the roofs of moving vehicles and blowing up parts of buildings. In an attempt to go unnoticed, she colors her blonde locks black, going back to the more familiar Angelina look we all know and love. Then, in an effort to disguise herself as a man, she shapes herself a short and gamine new hairstyle. To be fair, she couldn’t look less convincingly male if she drew on a mustache with a Bic pen. But that’s probably a good thing.

Image: Youtube/best Beauties Magazine
Image: YouTube/Best Beauties Magazine

4. Foxxy Cleopatra – Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002)

BeyoncĂ© Knowles plays undercover FBI agent Foxxy Cleopatra in 2002 comedy sequel Austin Powers in Goldmember, directed by Jay Roach. Knowles sports some seriously big hair as the Foxy Brown- and Cleopatra Jones-inspired ‘70s agent with the mega ‘fro. As you’d expect from an Austin Powers movie, subtlety isn’t part of the equation, and Foxxy tends to favor some pretty revealing outfits. The gold halterneck bikini top she wears when we’re first introduced to the character at Studio 69 is eye-catching, to say the least. In the film, Foxxy is upset because Austin (portrayed by Mike Myers) hasn’t called her back for eight years. Still, she obviously made quite an impression on the time-traveling secret agent – as she does on everyone else she encounters. And, let’s face it, girls with guns always look good, sugah.

Image: Youtube/movieclipsdotcom
Image: YouTube/MOVIECLIPSdotcom

3. Vesper Lynd – Casino Royale (2006)

Stunning French actress Eva Green’s Vesper Lynd is the beauty to Daniel Craig’s more beastly Bond in gritty 2006 series reboot Casino Royale, directed by Martin Campbell. In the movie, Lynd works for HM Treasury’s Financial Action Task Force, and her job is to make sure that Bond uses the money that MI6 gave him for a high-stakes poker game in the correct fashion. In one memorable scene, Lynd approaches the poker table in a plunging purple dress that has the whole room gawking like Tex Avery’s Big Bad Wolf. It’s enough to convince Bond, who uncharacteristically falls in love with his female counterpart and hands in his resignation. Unfortunately, Lynd is operating as a double agent for terrorist group Quantum and ultimately betrays Bond – albeit unwillingly. Still, she gets what some might argue is coming to her.

Image: Youtube/a2Ztrailers
Image: YouTube/A2ZTrailers

2. Maya – Zero Dark Thirty (2012)

While our next easy-on-the-eye spy may not be as obvious a choice as some of the other ladies on this list, Jessica Chastain is still undeniably hot as CIA analyst Maya in Kathryn Bigelow’s gripping 2012 war thriller, Zero Dark Thirty. The movie tells the story of America’s 10-year search for and eventual killing of Osama Bin Laden. Naturally, for Maya it’s not a case of running around in skimpy costumes and performing eye-popping acrobatics. She’s more sophisticated than that. She’s smart and tough, and it doesn’t hurt that she looks great as well. If you were going to be tortured by the CIA, the least your enemies could do is provide you with an attractive female interrogator. You do get to choose your interrogator, right?

Image: Youtube/keanu Reeves
Image: YouTube/Keanu Reeves

1. Lorna Campbell – Johnny English (2003)

Stunning Australian singer and actress Natalie Imbruglia stars as undercover Interpol agent Lorna Campbell in Peter Howitt’s wacky 2003 spy comedy Johnny English. With her arresting looks and enticing demeanor, Lorna immediately commands the attention of inept spy Johnny English (played by Rowan Atkinson) when she appears at the unveiling of the Crown Jewels. Like all good secret agents, she’s smart, sophisticated and sexy (so yes it must be a prerequisite). In fact, she’s the complete opposite of the blundering English, who tries to woo her. He nearly succeeds, too, but falls at the final hurdle when he accidentally fires her out of his car in an ejector seat. Ah well: we’ve all been there.

Image: Youtube/trailersplaygroundhd
Image: YouTube/TrailersPlaygroundHD

BONUS 1: Jane Smith – Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005)

In Doug Liman’s 2005 rom-com action movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Angelina Jolie plays Jane Smith, a highly-skilled assassin (okay, not technically a spy, but close enough – and who’s complaining?) who employs some pretty unusual methods during her exploits. At one point in the film, Jane goes undercover as a hooker, and when she drops her coat to reveal some racy, shiny-black S&M gear, things look like they’re going to get quite kinky. However, events take a deadly turn when she kills her unsuspecting, overexcited target by swiftly breaking his neck. Reportedly, Nicole Kidman was originally going to portray Mrs. Smith, but the Australian actress dropped out, leaving Brad Pitt disappointed enough to quit the project. Then Jolie signed up for the role and, unsurprisingly perhaps, Pitt came back on board. Love was in the air between the two leads, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Image: Youtube/justin Tiemeyer
Image: YouTube/Justin Tiemeyer

BONUS 2: Juno Skinner – True Lies (1994)

There’s nothing like a beguiling femme fatale, and Tia Carrere puts in a hugely sexy performance as the sultry Juno Skinner in James Cameron’s 1994 action comedy True Lies. In the movie, Skinner poses as an antiques dealer but is secretly working with terrorist leader Salim Abu Aziz (played by Art Malik) and his Crimson Jihad faction, who are plotting a nuclear attack. And while her motives are unquestionably bad, any man would find it hard to resist Skinner’s charms. For Arnie’s Harry Tasker, being a trained government agent probably helps, however. That and being married to Jamie Lee Curtis. Still, as is the case with many other gorgeous yet dangerous femmes, things don’t end well for the seductive Skinner, on account of a blown-up bridge and a plummeting limousine. Such is the high price of beauty.

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