Top Gear hosts Richard Hammond and James May refused to film without Jeremy Clarkson

According to the latest news, there may yet be future for Top Gear! Allegedly the show could have continued even with Jeremy Clarkson still suspended; however, both of his co-stars, James May and Richard Hammond, refused to participate in the show without Clarkson.

Apparently, it was negotiated within the BBC to broadcast the final episodes of Top Gear, already mainly recorded, and May and Hammond would do the studio parts.

Jus as a reminder, Clarkson was suspended after his ‘melee’ with one of the show’s producers OisinTymon due to the lack of a hot meal in the hotel where the crew was staying. Regarding this incident an investigation is being conducted.

Now the fate of the controversial presenter is in hands of Tony Hall, the BBC’s Director General, contrary to the earlier opinion that Danny Cohen, the head of TV, was in charge of the case.

According to an inside source, Cohen was under considerable pressure to wrap up the investigation.

54-year-old Clarkson and 36-year-old Oisin have both given their statementsin the presence of their lawyers to the chief of investigation Ken MacQuarrie, head of BBC Scotland. It is expected that MacQuarrie will also hear the witnesses of the incident.

Clarkson’s spokesman didn’t offer any comments on the claims, and Oisin didn’t respond as well.

This is the most recent incident in a series of controversies involving the famous host. He is known for offending not just his own bosses and viewers, but MPs and foreign diplomats as well.

After his last-year’s incident when he allegedly used the N-word while reciting Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe, Clarkson was already put on his final warning.

However, you can expect to see him back on the BBC in the 3rd episode of the new series Have I Got News For You which he will be presenting. The episode is due next month and will surely bring back smiles on the faces of his supporters.

“We always have a field day with Jeremy," said Jimmy Mulville, managing director of Have I Got News For You producer Hat Trick.

"Maybe we will get the producer on so he can hit Jeremy Clarkson live on television.”

As for the petition to reinstate Clarkson – the total number of supporters has reached 970,000!

At the same time there is another petition concerning Top Gear – this one is calling for Alan Partridge to be Clarkson’s replacement in the show and has reached 16,000 signatures. According to supporters of this idea, Partridge, the fictional character played by Steve Coogan is also a passionate fan of cars and has "a strong track record for broadcast presenting."


  1. Got in a fight over "lack of a hot meal"? Sounds like an asshole move.

  2. Without Clarkson, the BBC will lose it's big worldwide succes formula, and I have a serious doubt they are wanting to lose that.

  3. It's very simple: get Clarkson a producer who can take a punch.