Pleurobot is a robotic salamander skeleton

It seems to be a trend among robotic designers to make their creations in the image of living beings. Said beings can be anything from humans, donkeys and fish, all the way to salamanders. It is indeed the salamander that Pleurobot is made after. But not only its appearance mimics that of a little lizard, but its movements both on land and in the water do so, as well.

Pleurobot is not exactly a spiting image of a real thing, but rather a replica of its frame. An incredible amount of research was conducted to provide the data necessary for this undertaking. The people in charge of this project studied countless x-ray 3D movies of real salamander’s movements in water and on dry land. A total of 64 crucial points on the salamander’s skeleton where looked into and every single detail of its skeleton was examined.

Every active joint of the Pleurobot can be independently controlled through the model of salamander’s neural network allowing it to activate its virtual muscles and mimic the movements of the real animal.

This all means that, Pleurobot’s muscles and joints copy the movements of a real salamander to the finest detail. The robot is equally adapted in moving both in water and on land, although it does need some waterproofing for the water part.

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