Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales Come To Life In Creepy Photography Project

Forests and woodlands of Middle Europe today can easily inspire you to start feeling like one of the Brother Grimm’s characters from their fairytales. Whichever the character in question, everything it takes is just a bit of fog and some blackened trees along the forest path to establish the general mood of the famed fairytales.

The same apparently happened to Kilian Schönberger from Cologne. Today he is a photographer from Germany, but his childhood was full of those misty landscapes which later inspired him to make a “Brothers Grimm’s Homeland” series. In this series, he captures all the spooky ambient of the time. Moreover, his capturing of Grimm fairytale-landscapes brings to life the general spooky, sinister, dark ambient of the time, showing that not just children, but the adults too experience shivers and goosebumps when seeing the homeland of the Brothers. So, it’s not really surprising that they wrote such terrifying tales.

Photographs by Schönberger are definitely quite dark, bringing back those sinister images of “Little Red Ridinghood” or “Sleeping Beauty.” What adds to the spooky feeling when first seeing his series of photographs dedicated to the Brother Grimm’s homeland is the fact that the photographer is - blind!

"I think colour blindness (I can't distinguish green from red, magenta from grey, violet from blue and so on) [sic] can be an advantage especially in forest environments," the artist explained in an interview with Seamless Photo. "I don't have to separate singular colours visually and can totally concentrate on the structure for a convincing image composition. Forests are always quite chaotic places -- therefore I think the structures are more important for a pleasant result than the colours."

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